Bluetoote Headset In Car Shape
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Bluetoote Headset In Car Shape

Color - white
SKU: BM0655-white


· B-02 Wireless Double Ears Touch Operation High-fidelity sound quality .
· Full-frequency non-destructive Hi-Fi fidelity Good sound while also long-lasting B-02 True Wireless Headset.
· Put it on and listen to the music and feel the difference of B-02 Comfortable wear Waterproof sweat-resistant 300mAh Two- ear call Auto-pairing Magnetic suction charging 5 .0 4g weight 5-hour battery life Power display Touch button HiFi Sound

· One-ear continuous play for 5 hours Equipped with a 300 mAh charging The left and right ear are used to cycle the charge for up to 30 hours of continuous playback Listen 24 hours a day


Technical specs:

· Product parameter
· version: V5.0
· transmission distance: 15m
· Material: ABS
· Battery capacity: charging compartment 300mAh/headphone 50mAh
· Product size: 79*37*20mm
· Speaker size: Φ8mm
· Sensitivity: 120db±5db
· Playing time: 5 hours
· Charging time: 1 hour
· Operation mode: touch button
· Headphone charging method: magnetic contact
· Charging bay charging method: micro USB
· Net weight/Gross weight: 36g/set 68 g/set
· Color box size: 100*100*35mm
· Product size: 79*37*20mm


·Two-ear touch control, change the traditional cumbersome key control, get rid of the button caused by the discomfort of the ear, easy to operate more comfortable experience. Pick up immediately Power-on pairing Click touch Pause/Play 3-click main headset Next song 3-click vice headphones Last song Click touch Answer Click Touch Again Hang up 2-click on the vice headphones Volume reduction. 2-click the main headset Volume increase



· 30 hours Extra music playback 30min Fast charging time 5hours Single use about Warm Tip. The above data are provided by manufacturer testing, the actual use may be due to different environment slightly error

GIVE YOU A HI-FI ENJOYMENT Incorporating low, medium, and high-frequency intelligence into the same horn system. The frequency range is wide, the coverage is wide, the bas is mellow natural, And the mid-high treble is clean and clear Bass frequency /Medium audio rate / Treble Frequency The above data are measured internally in the factory laboratory and are used slightly depending on the environment and equipment