Cleaning Effervescent Tablets For Washing Machine
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Cleaning Effervescent Tablets For Washing Machine

SKU: BM0379-12 pieces/box


· Fast penetration, effective cleaning
· Soften and decompose, dissolve stubborn stains
· Remove odor

Technical specs:

· Material: builder, organic acid, etc.
· Size: 10*5*8.9cm
· Weight: about 192g
· Main ingredients: builders, organic acids, surfactants, anti-corrosion agents, colorants, flavors, etc.
· Packaging: Individual boxed (12 tablets) x 1


· Pour this product into the drum of the washing machine (3 bags are recommended for the first cleaning), and put in towels to help absorb dirt.
· After water injection, run for 3-5 minutes to stop the power supply and soak for more than 3 hours. (Recommended water temperature is 40°C)
· Turn on the power and clean it again according to the daily washing mode (washing-rinsing-dehydration), and the dirt can be rinsed repeatedly.
· Use a towel to wipe the inner tub of the washing machine. If there is dirt remaining on the inner tub, continue to rinse.


· Because of the different models of the roller washing machine, it is recommended that you first confirm that the washing machine is suspended from the power supply and can be soaked in water before using the product to avoid waste.
· Pure manual measurement, there may be some errors, please refer to the actual product for details
· There will be different degrees of chromatic aberration due to different shooting lights and monitors
· Some effervescent tablets will be crushed into powder particles due to long-distance transportation. This does not affect the use. In the end, they must be dissolved in water to have a cleaning effect. Thank you for your understanding.