Gentle and Non-irritating Hair Removal Cream
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Gentle and Non-irritating Hair Removal Cream

SKU: BM0171-120ml


· Adopted Pure Natural ingredients, it's suitable to be used on Bikini, Underarm, Arm and Legs.
· Gentle hair removal- Gentle plant extracts in this hair removal bubble could relieve skin irritation
and shrink pores without painful hair removal
· Long last smoothness – This Hair Removal Spray removes body hair from roots, keep skin silky
and supple.
· Inhibition of growth - The hair suppressing molecules of the product reach the hair follicles,
blocking growth nutrition, and slower hair growing.
· Repair & nourishment – a variety of botanical extracts gently depilate, nourish and protect,
make skin elastic.

Technical specs:

· Hair removal parts: face, genitals, legs, arms, underarms
· Efficacy: gentle hair removal
· Product name: Hair removal cream (refreshing type)
· Product specifications: 120ml
· Applicable skin type: any skin type



· Shake evenly before use, spray about 15cm away from the skin, leave it for about ten minutes to wipe off

· Facial use: As the facial skin is soft and sensitive, apply a little hair removal product first,
and there will be no discomfort or allergic reaction, which can be guaranteed.

· Do not use hot water, soap or washing on the depilated area, nor just use sweat or deodorant
within 24 hours after depilation.

· If it accidentally gets on the hair removal mousse, please rinse immediately with water.

· Nose, ears, breasts, private parts. Skin damage and inflammation are not suitable for use.


· Skin is moisturized after use

· The first processor performs hair removal on the hair in one direction from the part that needs to
be used 10-15 cm, press the top of the bottle hard,

· Spray the mousse on the spot for hair removal (when spraying without hesitation

· firmly). When spraying hands and feet, move up and down quickly to ensure even spraying of the
website depilatory mousse.

· After spraying, if you spray too much, it's best to get close to the bar, because if you spray too
much, the penetrating power will be stronger (not allergic).

· The depilatory mousse is left on the hair for 6 to 12 minutes, depending on the thickness of the
juvenile hair, at least 5 minutes, after all, it is thin and light.



· If you have any discomfort using this product, please stop using it immediately