Men's Outdoor Sports Waterproof Watch
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Men's Outdoor Sports Waterproof Watch

Color - Black
SKU: BM0888-Black

· 30m life waterproof

· Digital 12/24 hour display

· LED daylight display mirror

· Show the calendar their dates more clearly

· Adjustable alarm clock

· Stopwatch timing

· This electronic watch is ordinary waterproof, washable, splash-proof and rain-proof. However, bathing, swimming or diving is not allowed, please wear it according to the actual situation.

Technical specs

· Case diameter: 55mm

· Dial thickness: 16mm

· Bandwidth: 22mm

· Strap length: 263mm (including case)

· Case material: resin

· Watch strap: PVC

· Packing list: watch x 1


· When the watch displays normally, press M, press down to have the stopwatch function, the second is the alarm setting, and the third is the time calendar.

· If the time is displayed normally, press the S key to reach the date, and press the R key to set the alarm time.

· Set 12.03/24 hour status: normal display, press M key 3 times, give setting status, time, then in hour, press R key 2 times in status, then press S key to adjust 12/24 hour system, press M after increasing Press the key once to return to normal time.

· Time setting: In normal display, press the M key 3 times to enter the time setting state. The second flashes, press the S key again to prove the second, press the R key for flashing minutes, and press the S key for minutes. In the same way, press the R key to set the hour, date, month, and week status after the S key flashes. After all, for accommodation, press the M key once to return to the normal display state.

· Alarm setting: Normal state display, press M button twice, state to alarm setting, then press S button, after setting the hour, press R button once, then press S button for minute setting, press M button, command state is displayed normally.

· Alarm switch setting: press R key to not set, press S key, you can choose to turn off the ringtone or turn on the alarm clock and the alarm clock icon will be displayed. When the alarm sounds, press S to stop for a while, and wait four or five minutes for the alarm to sound again. When you press the R button, you will directly turn off the alarm.

· Set the full-time setting: hold down the R key, press the M key, choose to close the working full-time measurement point open /. When the entire clock is on, the R key will be displayed once a week.

· How to use the stopwatch: In the normal display state, press the M key once to enter the stopwatch function, then press the S key to start the stopwatch, and press the S key once to stop the stopwatch and display the numbers. Press R to clear the number. Press the M key to display the normal time.

· Button light: Press the L button, the light is on. Note that long-term use of lanterns consumes more battery. The battery model of this electronic watch is CR2032.

· Please tear off the screen protector before use, otherwise it looks unclear.

· L = light M = mode S = start R = reset


· Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.

· Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.