Silicone Heat Shrinkable Tube
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Silicone Heat Shrinkable Tube

Color - white
SKU: BM0573-white • 10 meters


· The outer layer is made of high-quality materials and the inner layer of hot melt adhesive.
The inner layer has a low melting point, a waterproof sealed box, and high adhesion.
· Only the fluorine and alkali metals at high temperature have an effect on it,
and it has no effect on all other concentrated and dilute inorganic organic acids,
alkalis and esters.


Technical specs:

· Size: 10 meters in length and 5mm in diameterInner diameter before shrinking: 0.5-160MM
· Wall thickness before shrinkage: 0.4-2.0MM
· Specific gravity 25℃g/cm²: 1.2
· Hardness J IS-A: 70
· Tensile strength Mpa:  6
· Extensibility (%): 300
· Tear strength KN/m: 15
· Volume resistivity Q.m: 2*1012
· Breakdown voltage (normal temperature) kv/mm: 25
· Dielectric constant (*)
· 50Hz: 3.2
· Flame retardant UL-224: not flame retardant
· (Or flame retardant VW-1)
· Operating temperature range (℃): -50~+200
· Shrinkage rate (diameter)
· (%): ≥40
· (1.7:1)
· Shrinking temperature (℃): 80-240
· Comply with EU Reach and RoHs standards
· Quality: Methyl vinyl silicone rubber



· Heat it to a certain temperature, the tube will shrink, and it will take effect when it cools.


· Because there are hot melt adhesive materials, please pay attention to safety when heating,
do not get your hands, (if you get your hands, please rinse them with cold water as soon as